Updating Saved Searches in QGIS

If you have previously created saved searches, they will need to be upgraded.

1. From the top of the Planet Image Search pane, select load a saved search.


2. Select a saved search from the drop-down. A message will warn you if a search contains any legacy item types. Legacy searches are read-only and must be updated for you to modify them. You will be prompted to update your search, select Update Search.


3. Once a search is updated, it will automatically be saved with the new search parameters. Below is a table showing how historical searches will be converted.

Legacy Search New Search
3-band PlanetScope Scene PlanetScope Scene without additional band filters
4-band PlanetScope Scene PlanetScope Scene with near-infrared (NIR) filter applied


4. Note: searches are inclusive of scenes that include additional bands. For example, a search for scenes with a near-infrared band will include both 4-band and 8-band data since both contain near-infrared bands.  If you want to exclusively search for 4-band data, use the Instrument Filter.

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