Can I Find or Order an Image Scene I See in Basemap Using QGIS?

Yes, you can. In the Planet QGIS Plugin v2.0 users get a Planet Inspector panel tool. The Planet Inspector panel allows you to:

  • Select a location on a Planet Basemap
  • Identify the source scene for that location
  • Select option to "Open in Explorer" iinn which you can order the scene

Instructions for Finding/Ordering

  1. Open QGIS and login to Planet Explorer plug-in
  2. Select the Basemaps tab
  3. Load the desired basemap by checking the basemap & clicking "Explore Selected"Screen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_1.47.18_PM.png
  4. Once the Basemap is loaded & you have navigated to your desired area click on the Planet Inspector panel                                          Screen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_1.49.49_PM.png
  5. In Planet Inspector Panel click on the wand-like toolScreen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_1.53.10_PM.png
  6. Click anywhere on the map you will get the corresponding sceneScreen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_1.55.20_PM.png
  7. Click on the gear icon to order the scene.


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