Creating a GeoJSON file


This article provide the instructions to great a GEOJSON file 



Create a GeoJSON file based on an area of interest (AOI). There are various applications you can use to create a GeoJSON file. This example uses, a free web-based tool used for generating GeoJSON files. 

To create your own GeoJSON file, follow the instructions below:

1. Launch from


2. Navigate to your area of interest (AOI)


3. Click on the type of shape you wish to draw in the toolbar. You can select line, rectangle, polygon, or point. In most instances polygon gives you the most control


4. I will be using a polygon in this instance. Draw your AOI by clicking desired points on the map to outline your AOI. Once you complete the polygon it will be shaded and the associated JSON will be generated in the output area to the left. 


5. To save your AOI as a GeoJSON file click on Save from the menu bar and select GeoJSON


You have now created a GeoJSON file that you can import into other applications such as Planet Explorer


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