Search Criteria and Filters in Planet Explorer

Planet Explorer and the Planet API allow users to search for scenes based on metadata.

Two necessary search parameters are area of interest (AOI) and time of interest (TOI), which let you search for scenes based on their location on Earth and the date that our satellite captured the image.

To specify your AOI in Planet Explorer, simply type into the search bar the name of your desired location or manually select your AOI using the drawing tools on the lower right. Alternatively, you can specify your AOI by uploading a custom Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, or WKT file.

You can also filter by parameters such as cloud cover and sensor so that you can find, for example, all PlanetScope scenes in California that were taken in the last week with a cloud cover of less than 10%.

To make searching easier, you can also create saved searches that remember your search parameters for later reference.

If using the Planet API, users can search based on a long list of criteria, allowing more freedom to customize searches than is currently available via Planet Explorer. Our API documentation lists all the different attributes that can be searched.

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