Example Payload for Using the Tile Tool

The tile tool allows you to split an item or multi-item composite into a regular set of tiles based on a specified tiling system.

The tiling system is a mapping from the projected coordinate system coordinates to tiles referenced by an x and y integer offset from the origin (see {tilex} and {tiley} in the "name_template").

If your workflow is unconcerned with the tiling coordinate system and simply needs imagery broken into regular chunks, set “tile_size” to indicate tile size in pixels and accept the default for all other tile parameters.


The source_type for this tool is scenes. The tile tool supports all item types and all bundle types except for those with non-orthorectified images (basic_* bundles) and NITF images (*_nitf bundles).

  • origin_x (float): Tiling system x origin in projected coordinates (default is zero)
  • origin_y (float): Tiling system y origin in projected coordinates (default is zero)
  • pixel_size (float): Tiling system pixel size in projected coordinates (defaults to pixel_size of input raster).
  • tile_size (integer): Height and width of output tiles in pixels and lines (always square) (required)
  • name_template (string): A naming template for creating output tile filenames. The default is "{tilex}_{tiley}.tif" resulting in filenames like 128_200.tif. The {tilex} and {tiley} parameters can be of the form {tilex:06d} to produce a fixed width field with leading zeros.
  • conformal_x_scaling (boolean): If the coordinate system is conformal (such as WGS84) it may be desirable to scale output tiles in the X direction in order to minimize the distortion of shape as the poles are approached. Enabling this will reduce in the width of tiles being less than tile_size as one gets further away from the equator.
  "name": "web_mercator_zoom_15_tile_example",
  "products": [
      "item_ids": [
      "item_type": "PSScene",
      "product_bundle": "analytic_udm2"
  "tools": [
      "tile": {
        "origin_x": -20037508.340,
        "origin_y": -20037508.340,
        "pixel_size": 3,
        "tile_size": 256,
        "name_template": "{tilex:07d}_{tiley:07d}.tif"


A set of tiled output files are produced for each bundle (or a composite, if paired with composite). Udm files are also tiled. The tiled files will have a file name defined by the “name_template” tool parameter below.

The tool passes through xml files.

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