Availability of UDM2

Usable Data Masks (UDM2) are available for 4-band PlanetScope imagery back to August 2018 globally, and specific agricultural regions back to January 2018. A small percentage of PlanetScope 4-band imagery after August 2018 do not have the UDM2 asset. This is because of rectification and/or image processing failures.

Data API allows you to download the assets separately, and we do not charge for downloading of UDM2 only.

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  • hey,

    I am just looking for udm2 bands but for the years 2017-2021. I am aware for planetscope the bands are dated back to August 2018, so for the previous year and months I plan to use Skysat. Can I donwnload these udm2 bands for free of charge? 

    I am new to using PlanetAPI, I cannot seem to find codes on GitHub that allows me to download time series data with all these bands as a binary classified file. Could assistamce be provided?

  • Hi Vasudha,

    I noticed you already created a support ticket, so we will be reaching you directly via the ticket.



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