What is the difference between PSScenes and PSOrthoTiles?

Within the PlanetScope constellation, users can choose between two Item Types, those are Scene and OrthoTile products. The difference between the two will be explained down below.

A PlanetScope Scene Product is an individual framed scene within a strip, captured by the satellite in its continuous line-scan of the Earth. Scenes within a strip are overlapping and are not organized to any particular tiling grid system.

PlanetScope Scene products range from approximately 280 to 630 square kilometers in size, depending on which instrument type captured them. They are represented in the Planet Platform as PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band item types. If you're interested in reading more about PS Scene products you can do so here: https://developers.planet.com/docs/apis/data/items-assets/ 

A PlanetScope OrthoTile Product is a 25 x 25 sq km orthorectified and tiled product generated from a set of consecutive scenes within a strip (usually 4 to 5), based on a worldwide, fixed UTM grid system. They are represented in the Planet Platform as the PSOrthoTile item type.

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