How Can I Check My Quota via Planet API?

To monitor your quota usage through the API, you can utilize the following endpoint. Please note that this endpoint is experimental and may change.



Authentication Method:

Ensure that you use Basic Auth for authentication. Your API key serves as the username, and the password field can be left blank.


Username: Your_API_Key
Password: [Leave Blank]

Understanding the Response:

Upon successful authentication, the API will respond with details about all subscriptions linked to your account, including valuable quota information.

Key Parameters:

- quota_sqkm: This parameter denotes the total quota available in square kilometers.
- quota_used: Reflects the amount of your quota already utilized.

Calculating Quota Usage:

To determine how much of your quota has been used, subtract the value of quota_used from quota_sqkm. The result provides a clear representation of your current quota consumption.

Example Calculation:

Remaining Quota = quota_sqkm - quota_used

By regularly checking your quota status through this API endpoint, you can effectively manage and optimize your usage on the Planet platform.

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