What is Typical Timeline & Eligibility for Getting Enrolled Under Basic Education and Research Program?


  • User must be associated with educational or research organization.
    • At present, Planet is accommodating applications from students, researchers, technical staff, and faculty at recognized universities. Non-profit and government employees are not eligible.
  • Must register using organizational email id only, personal email ids are not accepted.

  • The use of data under this program is solely for non-commercial research and/or education and scientific purposes.


  • The approval process for getting enrolled under Basic Education and Research Program may take up to 3 weeks & users have to produce supporting documents or proof when asked by the Planet team for verification purposes.
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  • Hi my name is Fehmi,


    I am Phd student at Necmettin Erbakan University Konya-Turkey


    I've been using the planet scope student account for over a year. Thanks to these images, I have done a lot of work and publications.

    Last year, you extended my account on 2022-01-31. Now my Ph.D. is continuing and last year, so if it is possible can you extend my account for one year. It is very important for me.


    Also, there was a devastating earthquake in our country today. I also need your images for use in damage assessment studies.


    You can find my current student certificate in the attachment.

    Can you help me

    Best regards


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