SkySat All-Frames Asset Release


In February 2021 Planet released the SkySat Basic L1A All-Frames asset. 



  • Addition of a new SkySat asset: 
    • Item-type: SkySatCollect | asset-type: basic_l1a_all_frames 
  • SkySat satellites capture up to 50 frames per second per Collect. The All-frames asset includes all of the originally captured frames in a Collect, uncalibrated and in a raw digital number format. Delivered as a zip file containing all frames as basic L1A panchromatic DN imagery files, with accompanying RPC txt files, and a JSON pinhole camera model.  
  • The All-Frames is meant for very technical users, interested in using near-raw data with extensive satellite metadata. 
    • This telemetry data (along with the accompanying camera model) is beneficial for super-resolution and 3D modeling.
  • Current users include Google (via custom pipeline), Kayrros (for super-res and 3D), and NASA (for 3D).



  • Contents include:
    • All frames - folder
      • Image Frame File – TIFF format
      • Rational Polynomial Coefficients – Text File
      • Pinhole camera model - JSON format
    • Metadata File – JSON format
    • Frame Index – CSV file
  • The frame_index csv file accompanies the all-frames, with telemetry data for each frame, including:
    • X,Y,Z satellite alignment in both Earth Centered Inertial (ECI) and Earth Centered, Earth Fixed coordinate systems (ECEF)
    • Pointing quaternions in both ECI and ECF
  • Approximately ~1000 frames per Collect
  • Ground Sample Distance:
    • SkySats 3 - 13: 0.81 m
    • SkySats 14 - 19: 0.72 m
  • Not available to download through Explorer, primarily due to the massive size of the asset zip file (~10 GB). Customers can download through the Data API or Orders
  • Customers will have access to the All-Frames asset by default


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