Planet Tasking Dashboard Overview

The Tasking Dashboard is a graphical user interface that streamlines order submission and management. The Tasking Dashboard also provides the ability to preview the image captures taken for orders.

You can find an overview of our Tasking Dashboard at


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  • I am not sure where to turn for help on this, but the tasking dashboard just plain doesn't work.  It does not follow the user guide at all.  Somehow I was able to place an order two weeks ago, but whatever worked then doesn't now.  I am guessing that there is some incompatibility between using Macos and Chrome/Firefox, but neither seems to display any of the buttons or taskbars that the user guide says should be there.  I've wasted two days on this so far.  Do you have an updated user guide that might show how to place an order?

  • I have the same problem


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