Subscriptions API FAQs

What is the Subscriptions API?

This API enables continuous cloud delivery of new Planet imagery and metadata collections. It simplifies the process of receiving daily imagery over an area of interest, allowing this to be done with a single API call. Users can order archive imagery using the Subscriptions API. More on our Developer Center here.

What is the benefit of using the Subscriptions API? 

The main advantage is the simplification of the delivery process. Traditionally, receiving daily imagery involved complex orchestration of search and ordering calls via different APIs. The Subscriptions API streamlines this into one step.

Does the Subscriptions API cost anything to use? 

The Subscriptions API is free to use for any Planet user with an imagery download quota.

How does the Subscriptions API work? 
Users can set item filter criteria (like area of interest, time range, cloud cover filter) and a cloud storage location in their subscription. The API then automatically delivers imagery that meets these criteria. To learn more, access how the API works here.

How many active Subscriptions can I have?

There are limits on the number of active subscriptions and the total count of expected items delivered daily. Specifically, users can set up automated delivery of up to 1,000 items a day and backfill portions of subscriptions are limited to 5 years of archive delivery.

If an organization has reached its quota limit, it won't be able to create new subscriptions. However, any existing active systems won't be affected and will continue to run as usual.

Should there be a requirement to subscribe to over 1,000 items per day, necessitated by the need to download larger data volumes, contact Planet support team at The team is ready to provide assistance in adjusting subscription limits to accommodate such needs.

Can I clip data with the Subscriptions API? 

Users with access to Preferred or Premium Raster Tools packages can clip data via the Subscriptions API.

Can I use the Subscriptions API to automatically subscribe to my Tasking orders? 

The API can be used to automate delivery for tasking orders, with some considerations for Flexible Tasking and SkySat Archive customers.

  • For Flexible Tasking customers, who have access only to SkySat imagery they task, the Subscriptions API offers an efficient method for setting up automated delivery for tasking orders. By establishing a Subscription over the intended area of tasking, all tasked imagery will be automatically received. For this to work properly a "PermissionFilter" needs to be added in the Subscription request. 


    // other subscription parameters...
    "source": {
        "type": "catalog",
        "parameters": {
            // other catalog source parameters...
            "filter": {
                "type": "AndFilter",
                "config": [
                    // other filters...


  • Conversely, SkySat Archive customers, or those who are both SkySat Archive and Flexible Tasking customers, might find the Subscriptions API less suitable. This is because any imagery that fits the set filter criteria and is permissible for download will be delivered. Therefore, configuring a Subscription over a broad area might inadvertently lead to receiving and being charged for imagery tasked by other Planet users. To mitigate this, it is advisable for those utilizing the Subscriptions API for automated tasking order delivery to apply more precise geographic and temporal restrictions on their subscription. This approach helps to avoid receiving unintended imagery. Currently, it is not possible to limit a subscription exclusively to "my tasking orders only"

Can I still order Planet data from the Orders API or Data API? 

Yes, both the Orders API and Data API will continue to function as they do today.

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