How Can I Integrate Data With AcuGIS?

1. Go to
2. Sign up and login to Canvas.
3. Click on WMS Services in the left menu as shown below:

4. Click Add WMS Layer as shown below:

5. Enter the WMS Service information for Sentinel in the URL field 

6. Go to Projects, and click the Add Project Button as show below:

7. In the Project you created above, click the Maps button as shown below:

8. Click the Add Map button as shown below:

9. In the left menu of the new map, expand the WMS layer you created in step 4 above. Toggle the desired layer(s). Below, we are adding the NDVI layer.

10. Define the Geometry Area

      There are two method you can use to define a Geometry Area:

    • A data layer
    • Draw a Polygon or Rectangle area

While there are some simple use-cases in which you might wish to draw an area, in most cases you will be using a data layer. Below, we are using a data layer of the state of Rhode Island.

11. Click the settings icon on the NDVI Layer you created in Step 9 above. Select ‘Geometry’ from the menu as shown below:

12. Select the Geometry Area
      a.    For a data layer (such as we are using), select Custom as the Geometry Area
      b.    For a polygon you have created via the free-hand toolbar, select Polygon

13. Click Save and then click the Save button for your map. 

14. Congratulations! Your map is now ready.

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