Why Is the Result Different When I Am Using WMS or WCS, When Coordinate System Is EPSG:4326?

OGC consortium specifications for WMS, WFS, WCS, … services define the coordinate axis order. Older OGC service specifications assumed “X, Y'' order for all coordinate reference systems (CRSs), even for WGS84 (EPSG:4326), while newer OGC service specifications obey the axis orders defined by the CRS’s, not assuming “X, Y” order anymore.

Sinergise services conform to the standards definitions. The WGS84 axis order are thus version dependent:

  • WMS:
    • version 1.1.1: longitude, latitude
    • version 1.3.0: latitude, longitude
  • WFS:
    • version 1.0.0: longitude, latitude
    • version 2.0.0: latitude, longitude
  • WCS:
    • version 1.0.0: longitude, latitude

The user should always request a specific version of OGC services by providing and explicit “VERSION” parameter in the URL.

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