Does Planet Rectify Sentinel-2 Related Imagery Issues?

Sentinel-2* is managed by the European Space Agency. Based on that we do not have the ability to rectify Sentinel-2 imagery.

Refer to the Sentinel data product quality reports.


*Planet is deprecating and ending support for public datasets on July 31, 2024. Planet is unifying access to public datasets in Sentinel Hub. The goal is to provide customers one direct access to all imagery products instead of providing redundancy through different platforms.

After this date Planet will not publish any new data available for these item-types. These item-types will also be removed from the historical archive. All access to these item-types will be removed from Explorer, API’s and Integrations after the end of life date. Instead, customers will need to migrate to obtaining these item-types through Sentinel Hub.

We are encouraging Explorer, Integrations and API users to sign up for the 6 month Sentinel Hub Platform Trial for Planet Customers to continue accessing these item types. Please refer to the following resources to know more:

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