How Can I Get Images in Higher Resolution?

Sentinel Hub offers open data (e.g. Sentinel, Landsat), as well as commercial data (e.g. PlanetScope). Open data are always served in their full resolution. Each of the collections has its own maximum resolution, which you can check in our documentation (see here for Sentinel-2). What you get for Sentinel-2 in EO Browser is always a full resolution image. If you go to the effects in EO Browser and enable NEAREST upscaling and downscaling, you will see individual pixels displayed, and you can even measure them to confirm that the pixel resolution indeed matches the maximum resolution of the sensor. Users get the same data with free trial and paid packages. Packages differ in commercial use license, support levels, and what kind of processing you can do on this data, but not on data quality.

If you’re using the processing API, you can get full resolution by specifying the maximum resolution the collection offers using the resx/resy parameter. See the full resolution example for Sentinel-2.

If you need higher resolution, you will need a different satellite that offers higher resolution. If 10 meter resolution that Sentinel-2 offers isn’t enough, you can look into our commercial data, where you can get image resolution of up to 0.5 meters. Note that in order to purchase commercial data, you do need a paid Sentinel Hub subscription first.

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