What is a Capture List in Tasking Dashboard?

The capture list page aims to provide users with all published captures for one organization in a table view. Users can perform their own analysis and reports on a capture level. Read more about Track and Manage Your Captures in our developers page.

Users access from the left-hand side navigation bar on the capture list overview, where they can perform actions like "Add filters",  "Save filters",  "Export", and "Display columns".

By clicking on any capture item, users land on the captures detail modal, which provides detailed information of the specific capture e.g. Acquired on, Order type, Order ID, etc., and inner links to Order page and Explorer platform. 


Definition of table columns



Strip id 

Unique ID of the “picture” itself

Order name

Customized field for order description

Contract number

Unique customer’s contract id i.e PL-XXXX

Product name

Product name which belongs to given plNumber

Created time 

This is the time at which the capture is created

Acquired time

This is the time at which the image is captured

Published to customer

This is the time at which the image is published to the customer

Cloud cover

The cloud coverage assessment of the captures

Order id

Unique ID of the order that the capture is part of

Capture id

Unique ID of a capture

Planned acquisition time

This is the time at which the image is planned to be captured

Updated time

This is the time of the last change of the capture


Indicates if the capture is responsible for fulfilling the order 

Ground id

This id is used to match stereo captures, those with the same ground_id are part of the same stereo composition

Order status

The different states of an Order

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