What Is the Order of Reflectance Coefficients in the GeoTiff Header for SkySat Imagery?

The reflectance coefficients provided in the GeoTiff Header are used as multipliers to convert SkySat imagery from Analytic TOA Radiance values to TOA Reflectance.

The order of the reflectance coefficients corresponds to the order of the image bands. For SkySatCollect images, the band order is BGRN:

"bands": [1: Blue, 2: Green, 3: Red, 4: Near-infrared]

Similarly, the order of reflectance coefficients will follow:

"reflectance_coefficients": [1: Blue, 2: Green, 3: Red, 4: Near-infrared]

For more information about Convert Radiance values to Reflectance please check this document:

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