Do you provide Relative Spectral Response Curves (RSRs) for your satellites?

Last Updated: March 24, 2021


Yes, please find a list of RSRs for various satellite constellations below in CSV format. A single archive with all CSV files is also available:


PlanetScope RSRs are grouped based on the ID of the satellite. All images have a four-character satellite_id in their metadata, such as 0c08. Use the first two characters of the satellite_id to find the appropriate CSV file. The next generation, PS2.SD, instruments are indicated by "PlanetScopeSD" with the same satellite_id structure as 20xx.


RapidEye RSRs are all found in a single CSV file: RapidEye_RSR.csv.


There are individual RSR files for each SkySat. Use the satellite_id identified found in the image metadata.

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  • Are the SD_20xx RSRs valid for PSB.SD sensors (e.g. serial id 227c)?


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