How Does Planetscope Areas Under Management Work?

You subscribe to your areas of interest (e.g. agriculture fields) and, for a period of one year, you can access all available PlanetScope data in that area - both archive and monitoring. This subscription model is perfect for agriculture and other continuous monitoring use-cases.

More details

  • The price of the annual subscription depends on the country, where one wants to download the data from. See Billing for more information about Tiers.
  • Users can purchase a quota in packages of 500 hectares for each of the Tiers. This quota can be consumed for several dislocated areas (parcels), each area having the minimum size of 1 hectare.
  • Subscription period starts at the time of the first purchase and lasts for 12 months from the start date.
  • In case the User requires additional quota, they can purchase it at any time during the year (“Top-up”). Consecutive purchases are co-termed with the original purchase (price is proportional to the remaining period). During the last three months of the subscription period, it is required to subscribe for one additional year.
  • In case the User consumes more data than they have subscribed to, there is a 20% overage fee. We therefore kindly recommend purchasing the quota up-front.
  • The total “area under management” is defined as “the area of union of all polygons used in the orders within a period of one year”.

Follow up questions

Q.1: If I order the data for a polygon A today and then once again for the same polygon a week from now. Do I consume quota twice?

A.1: No. As long as you are fetching the data from the same polygon, you will only consume once the area of the polygon.

Q.2: If I order the data for polygon A today, then increase the polygon a bit (polygon A’). How much quota will I consume?

A.2: As long as the polygon A is fully within polygon A’, you will consume the total area of polygon A’ (“union of polygons” rule)

Q.3: If I purchase 500 hectares today and another 500 hectares in 6 months, how much will I pay?

A.3: Your first purchase will be for the full price, second one with 50% discount (as it will only cover the period of 6 months).

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