How Can I Find the Image Acquisition Date?

There are several options, depending on your purpose.

  • You can use a feature info request and point to some location. The response will contain a date field within it.
  • You can use the WFS service with the same parameters as used in your WMS request (e.g. date, cloud coverage). You will get a list of features representing scenes fitting the criteria.
  • You can configure the layer to show acquisition dates. Go to the layer of your choice and follow the steps:
    1. Click the “Advanced” option in the Layer tab to enter advanced parameters dialogue.
    2. (optional) You can turn on Help by clicking on “?” top right.
    3. Add “additionalData” node with type “Date”
    4. Click Save in Advanced parameters dialogue.
    5. Click Save Layer and layer’s tab.

Image acquisition date

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