RGB Visualization - Planet Explorer and ArcGIS Pro

When displaying PlanetScope basemaps in Planet Explorer, images always show as false color composites rather than RGB, even though RGB is supposed to be the default setting. When streaming basemaps into ArcGIS Pro, the RGB color visualization doesn't work at all.

I have the v2 version of the ArcGIS Pro plugin. Just wondering why this is the case and if it will be fixed.




  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for brining this to our attention. I am wondering, do you have the latest version, V2.1, installed? Link and FAQ here

    Here's another FAQ article on loading WMTS basemaps using false visualition on QGIS and ArcGIS pro. 

    I hope this helps answer your question, thanks!

  • Hi Keon,

    Yes, I have the latest version (2.1) and I have brought this issue up previously and heard a fix was already in the works. Can you tell me if this is an isolated issue? I was under the impression this was happening to everyone using the plug-in/planet explorer but is it just me? If it is just me then submitting a support ticket makes sense, if it is happening to everyone and you are already aware of it, I don't see the need to start a ticket.



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