PSScene4Band Surface Reflectance- More Detail Needed


I have seen this question posted a few times before, but I am still having trouble understanding the correct solution. I am working with a 4band Planetscope Daily (PSB.SB) surface reflectance geotif file:   20210516_074441_51_2262_3B_AnalyticMS_SR.tif.

When I look at the band values for this file, I see that do not range from 0 to 1 as expected for surface reflectance.  

These values also exceed 4096, which is the maximum for 12bit data.  So my first question is, where can we find the information on any adjustments that are being made when the data moves from 12 to 16bit format?  

Also, I saw the response about the 10,000 scaling factor. So I divided each of the bands by 10,000 which does give me some decimal values between 0 to 1, but it also values greater than 1.0 (for the NIR band).

So, I am guessing that I am missing a step somewhere?  Any help you can provide is appreciated...Thanks!



  • Hello,

    I've created a ticket for this and i will reach out to you directly.

  • I have the same doubts. someone help me?


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