Clip or Subarea with http api

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to download imagery cropping it on a particular area of interest using only the rest api.

I have the feeling that it was possible with the deprecated clip API, but since its documentation is no longer I am not able to check that. (if someone has some clip api doc at hand, I would be happy to go through it, thanks).

I saw the subarea tutorial that uses gdal and saw mentioned that this is the current suggested way... but I was looking to do this rest api only.

Does anyone know if it is possible?

Thanks a lot,










  • Hi Andrea --

    I asked a similar or the same question about a year ago. See

    Planet did not have a way to do this then, but maybe they've worked on something since.

    I ended up creating a polygon inside a polygon and layering that over the planet tileset. The outside polygon is earth, while the inside is my AOI. Here's a link that got me going:

    This doesn't clip the entire tileset, but just highlights the AOI, which might be better.

    - Dan

  • Hi Dan, thanks a lot for your reply.

    My problem is related to the quota my clients have, so they really want to just download the aoi clips, hence your solution would not work for me.

    Researching a bit more, I found the orders/v2 api. I have the feeling that this is the way to go, since it also contains tools for clipping. 

    What still makes me unsure, is the fact that the only clip tutorial by planet I found uses gdal's subarea, instead of showing an example using the orders api.





  • Hi, I gave the order api a go and it works perfectly.

    By creating an order with a clip tool, things are done perfectly.

    For future reference, something like this:


    (I apologize for the image, but I couldn't find a better way to insert json here.)





  • Andrea,

    When you mentioned quota, did you mean some sort of network bandwidth quota close to your client or Planet's quota for purchased imagery?   If you mean Planet quota, did you confirm you are only being charged for the aoi extracted? 


    With regard to network quota, GDAL "/vsicurl" type access to a dataset should not use too much more network data than the orders api would as only required tiles are fetched.  But Planet quota is another ball of wax, and I believe orders v2 is intended to charge appropriately against quota.


    Best regards,


  • Hi Frank, thanks for pointing out.

    I confirm that it is all about quota in the sense of KM the client is charged for. So I suppose the orders v2 api is indeed the way to go.





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