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I want to calculate the NDVI and it seems for me that I should convert the values of the 4 bands using the numbers in the band specific metadata. There are two numbers to convert DNs to TOA radiance radiometric scale factor which is a fixed no. (0.01) and reflectance coefficient which is not fixed. 

So, should I multiply by both or only use reflectance coefficient?

and what is the difference between analyticMS and analyticMS_SR images?






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    Hi Maged,


    I believe what you are looking for is on page 29 of our product specs:


     To convert the pixel values of the Analytic products to radiance, it is necessary to multiply the DN value by the
    radiometric scale factor, as follows:
    RAD(i) = DN(i) * radiometricScaleFactor(i), where radiometricScaleFactor(i) = 0.01


    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best Regards,


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