Level 15 image of 1-month-Mosaic, not accessable !



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    Pooja Pandey

    Hi Grace,


    Please write to support@planet.com with your user ID you have registered on our platform with.

    This will allow me to look into the access credentials associated with your account.


    Best Regards,



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  • Athanasios Tsamis

    I cannot view 1 month mosaic at planet explorer when zooming from 500m to 200m.Is there any problem?

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  • Adam Edwards

    same here

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  • Seth Pickford

    Hi everyone,

    We made some recent changes to the Planet Explorer platform as part of a wider effort to update the free trial program. Our mosaic imagery was previously viewable up to zoom level 18 in the platform. In reality, the imagery was sampled to a maximum of zoom level 15, and zooming in further would not increase the resolution, but rather blow up the existing pixels to a larger size. The change we made limits the free trial user's access to zoom level 15 and beyond. Instead of resampling the existing pixels to appear higher resolution, the viewer will display a watermark over our imagery when you have zoomed in to the maximum level allowed for your account. 

    If you have additional questions, please let me know or reach out to support@planet.com.

    Best Regards,



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