Catalog Planet Labs Plugin for QGIS 3.4


This plugin lets you get images from the Planet Labs API(Version 1), by performing searches for images that intersect with the extent of the map window.

It is a product from Planet Explorers program (, it is not an official Planet Labs's plugin.

You need a key from Planet Labs in order to use this plugin.

This plugin will be create polygon layer (Catalog of images) from intersect with the extent of the map window.

With this plugin, you can download full images(type analytic) and view the XYZ Tiles services(Montly mosaics and images).



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    Luiz, this is very cool! Thanks for sharing.

    For readers interested in trying this out, note that you'll need to enable Experimental Plugins in QGIS to find the Catalog Planet Labs plugin (at least for me, browsing the 2.18.17 plugin repo).

    Github link for anyone interested, too:


  • Sara,

    Thanks Sara.

    The new plugin(QGIS 3.4)  is not experimental.

    You are reading in of master branch, see the qgis3 branch[1]


  • Ah - thanks for the clarification! I suppose it's past time for me to migrate to QGIS 3. 

  • Oi Luiz, bom dia!

    Primeiramente o parabenizo pelo seu feito, o plugin é muito útil, tenha feito análises de limpezas em linhas de transmissão de energia elétrica.

    Correu tudo  muito bem até semana passada, quando percebi que as imagens não permitiam zoom superior a escala de 1:95000 ou maiores. 

    O que fiz foi atualizar para a versão 3.54 e ainda não deu certo, então gerei uma nova "API Key" e infelizmente o problema persistiu. 

    Pode me orientar? 


    Obrigado, Tarcísio. 

  • Hi Tarcísio,

    Please check with support of SSCON, the Planet brazilian partner, they will help you about your issue.


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