what does each part represent for in an id?



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    Frank Warmerdam


    Sometimes there is also an extra section after the hours/minutes/seconds section used to disambiguate when multiple scenes were acquired for the same satellite in the same satellite.  These take the form:


    Next generation satellites will always have this extra section and it will represent the hundredth of a second within the second when the image was acquired. 


    I mildly discourage parsing ids and filenames as the formatting may evolve over time, but hopefully this helps understand.  The main goal of the naming is to give some quick context and to ensure things sort sort of nicely when used in filenames.

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  • Chenyong Miao

    Thanks Frank!

  • Emir Hartato

    Hi, just adding what Frank said, here's a complete list of image id interpretation for all Planet imagery: https://support.planet.com/hc/en-us/articles/213169607-How-can-we-interpret-image-file-names-and-ID-numbers- 

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