Surface melt detection in Greenland


I am a researcher experimenting with cryospheric applications of Planet imagery. Specifically, I've been working on validating algorithms for surface meltwater detection and supra-glacial lake volumes against estimates made with Landsat, and then using the high spatial and temporal resolution of Planet Doves to learn about patterns of surface water flow and abrupt lake drainage events. I'm posting for two reasons - first, to see if there's anyone else in the forum working on something similar (in which case, I'd love to hear about what's working and what's not!), and to throw out a suggestion for a way that Planet imagery could make a bigger impact on my field.

Most of my work focuses on the edges of Greenland, so the 4-band imagery that Planet has available is very valuable. However, there are a few specific areas on the edges of Greenland - namely ~5 large, important, and well-studied outlet glaciers (Jakobshavn, Petermann, 79 North, Kangerdlugssuaq, and Helheim, to name the primary players), that Planet's acquired imagery almost covers but misses. These are not far enough north to be in the pole hole; it appears that the acquisition in these areas just stops near the edge of the ice sheet, as with the rest of Greenland. 

Studies in my field would benefit greatly from a small expansion of Planet imagery acquisition to cover these areas. Do you know if there is any plan for such expansion in the future? Have the images been acquired in those areas and just haven't been processed? I realize that Planet's overall goals may not align with this sort of research, but I thought it might be worth inquiring in case Planet is looking for this sort of suggestion. I think a small change could make a big difference in cryospheric research.

Thank you for your time!



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