Image Co-registration

The orders v2 API offers some great tools for image pre-processing already (clip, TOAR, reproject, etc.).
However, I really miss co-registration of images over an AOI for a specific TOI in order to build (spatially accurate) time-series stacks of planet imagery. Any temporal analysis would benefit from such a co-registration tool in the pipeline.

Thanks a lot anyways for the great service and best regards.



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    Hi Julian,

    As you noted, we aren't currently offering a coregistration service for stacks of images. That being said, we have internal coregistration code and it might be something we add to the Orders API in the future.

    Best regards, Ben

  • Hi Julian,

    Coregistration is now available to customers on our Premium and Preferred plans. See here for the changelog entry.

    Best, Ben


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