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    I think this is more of a question for ESRI - I know ArcMap only supports WMTS, but I'm not sure about ArcGIS Pro. The XYZ protocol is fairly standard, used by OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. I am pretty ArcGIS Online supports XYZ tiles, just not sure if it's in ArcGIS Pro. 

    Feel free to post in 'feature requests' topic on the desire to have streaming daily imagery in ArcGIS Pro, as it could be possible for Planet to support that.


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  • Asa Strong

    Hey Brett, 

    Thanks for reaching out. The best way to sync the daily imagery via xyz to ArcGIS Pro today is to add the xyz service as a tile layer in ArcGIS Online (note you will need to change xyz to {level}/{col}/{row}). Then you should be able to open that web-map directly in ArcGIS Pro by browsing your portal catalog. 

    Here's an example of a xyz tile service for PlanetScope that works in ArcGIS Online (you'll need to insert your Planet API key at the end to use).,20190316_182212_103b/{level}/{col}/{row}.png?api_key=

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