why the free trial account can not download the image?



  • Emir Hartato

    Hi bai chunlan,

    If you click on the lock - it will bring you to a dialogue to request a download access. If you move forward, you'll receive an automated reply from our sales team, basically asking you some details.

    Also you can download our free SkySat samples here: https://info.planet.com/download-free-high-resolution-skysat-image-samples/ 

    Best regards,


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  • bai chunlan

    the 14-days trial free account which I just apply ,but I only watch and search the imagery on the GUI web ,can it download some images ,even the small area image can be downloaded? I just hear the free account can download images several months ago, at present , I can not do that,all the imgae are locked!

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  • Emir Hartato

    Hi bai chunlan, the 14-days trial free account also include Open California data which available for all users to download. Thank you.



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