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  • Samapriya Roy

    Hi Murray,

    I think the idea of teaching packs are great. My suggestion would be to use our Open California project to use within classroom for which you can download and easily access data within the whole state. This should give you access to archival data as well and you should be able to download and teach using image bundles or provide your students with just the AOI so they can replicate the process themselves. 

    I think the steps would be 

    1. Download Open California subsets and use in class as needed or share the AOI with students as GeoJSON and let them use the Planet Client to download these once they have registered.
    2. Use time series to stack images in a temporal stack and perform NDVI and EVI analysis as you had pointed out or create composites suited for the class.
    3. This would also provide the capability of working on different areas of the state and hence different setups for studying systems.

    I wonder if this is what you are thinking about.

    Best Wishes,

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  • Murray Ford

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks. Open California is a good idea. Ideally I'd like to use some local example from here in New Zealand, but California would be good to explore agriculture, water use, probably something to do with fire as well. NZ would be better suited gaining an appreciation of the frustration that persistent cloud cover brings to the table. 

    This will be for a 100-level course, it'll be a big class (100+) and the students fairly green. So I am imagining giving them a nice simple folder of images to explore values through time. 



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