Harmonization using band coefficient

I downloaded PS2.SD and PS2 images for same location and date

I need to convert "harmonize" the PS2.SD  to  PS2 

first step is to Convert Radiance to Reflectance
Multiply the Digital Number (DN) values in each band by the TOA reflectance coefficients

SR analytic band * reflectanceCoefficient from xml file

band_blue_reflectance = band_blue_radiance * reflectanceCoefficient for Blue band 

band_green_reflectance = band_green_radiance * reflectanceCoefficient for Green band 

band_red_reflectance = band_red_radiance * reflectanceCoefficient for Red band 

band_nir_reflectance = band_nir_radiance * reflectanceCoefficient for NIR band 

Second step is harmonize the reflectance by multiplying it by band coefficient from xml file

band_blue_harmonize = band_blue_reflectance * bandCoefficient for Blue band 

band_green_harmonize = band_green_reflectance * bandCoefficient for green band 

band_red_harmonize = band_red_reflectance * bandCoefficient for red band 

band_nir_harmonize = band_nir_reflectance * bandCoefficient for nir band 


I feel I am missing something because the harmonized bands has totally different ranges than the PS2 image downloaded 


Any help or advice?



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  • Hi Rasha,

    We have created a support ticket and will be assisting you via that.



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