Difficulty creating mosaic from PS4band in ArcGIS Pro 2.7

I am wanting to create a mosaic dataset in ArcPro using PlanetScope imagery. 

The Create a Mosaic Dataset in ArcPro 2.7 does not have the PlanetScope product definition loaded. Nor is it there at the Add Rasters tool. SkySat is there for both.

This tool

PlanetScope and RapidEye Scenes image management script (BETA) (arcgis.com)

Doesn't seem to work and is old but it does seem to load in the PlanetScope product definition. Well it is available to use the Add Raster function.

This does work but its only seems to work when downloading full PS tiles and adding into a mosaic dataset. It does not work for clipped images. Using the Add Rasters and PlanetScope product option when you add files,  ArcPro is looking for *metadata.xml however, when you download a clipped image the files are called metadata_clip.xml (.tif etc) so dont show up as images available to add.

So two things:

1) how do we add in the PlanetScope product definition for the Create a Mosaic Dataset and Add Rasters tools in ArcPro that doesnt use that old tool above.

2) how can we create a mosaic dataset for clipped PS images using the product definition. 




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  • Hi Sarah,

    We have created a ticket and will reach out to you via the same.


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