Planet Explorer does not give attribution to OpenStreetMap

Hi, I am an OpenStreetMap contributor, and have noticed the "Planet Explorer" uses OSM data for the roads on top of it's imagery.

It appears that there is no attribution for this to be seen on the map, you are required to inform that the data comes from OSM and that is is under the ODbL, preferably linking to when clicked.

For correct attribution methods, please see: 

Correct attribution helps to avoid misunderstandings about the source of the map or data, as well as what others are allowed to do with it.

It also spreads the word of OSM and it's community :)

Feel free to contact me either via here, or on the OSM World Discord for more info or clarification if is needed.

Happy maps 😄



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    Dear Oliver,

    Thank you so much for reaching us at Planet Community and letting us know regarding the missing attribution. I'm currently following up this matter to our developer team and I will definitely keep you posted!


    Thank you and kind regards,



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