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Dear Planet E&R Team,


Thank you very much for granting me access to Planet imagery. Logging in was fine with my Harvard email but when trying to download data for my AOI-basemap and image, I have no access. No images were shown for daily option.

I have uploaded an AOI in South China Sea and tried to download monthly data. But there were no imagery results and download options. I only have access to the basemaps which were not downloadable. I read through the user guide but there were no options to follow the steps. I would appreciate if you can guide me to download monthly/daily imagery for my AOI.






  • Hi Thiri Aung, I've created a support ticket for this. I will reach out to you directly.

  • Dear Planet,

    I was officially welcomed to Planet’s Education and Research (E&R) Program on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. The email I received stated that I was supposed to have received a dedicated link to activate your account. However, it has been two days and I have still not received it (i have also checked my spam folder many times). I have a 14-day trial that is currently valid so I can browse through products but I cannot download any image. This email address is what I use to login to my trial account. Can the team look into this for me please? Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Ransford Welbeck , I've created a support ticket for this. I will reach out to you directly.


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