Failed to deliver planetscope image to GEE

Hi, I was trying to deliver the images to google earth engine's image collection but failed. And the response did not provide any hints for the failure.  I followed the tutorial strictly to create the project that needed for the GEE delivery. As for coding,  the code worked well for download image (but not for GEE delivery), so I guess the failure is not because of the coding errors. Here is my order link: Hope this information can help you to find out which part was wrong. 

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    Hello Ziyu,


    In order to download Planet Imagery to GEE you must have purchased imagery quota from Planet. If you would like we can have someone from our sales team contact you to review pricing. I have included our GEE integration FAQ below.



  • Here are my project name and collection, just in case you want to test.

    "project": "intense-reason-298105",
    "collection": "test"

  • Hi, Thanks for your kindly response. Our lab had purchased imagery quota, and we had been downloading planet image for a while. So the failure is not because that our account without quota. Is the quota for downloading different from delivery? 

  • Do I need to add more IAM role to allows the SA to read/write to a EE cloud project?


    When creating the  Earth Engine Resource Writer IAM role, do I need to add more permissions?

  • We should have a ticket logged to review this further if you have purchased Planet product. We will reach out to troubleshoot your issue further. 

  • Our account name is

  • I checked my cloud storage IAM quota, it has been consumed for several times. So I guess in some way the delivery process was activated? But I am not sure why the delivery ultimately failed.

  • Hello Ziyu,

    We have opened a support ticket to assist you further with this issue. We have associated it to your account email which you provided. Please direct all further communications to the associated support ticket (38911)


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