udm2 files in 2018


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  • Frank Warmerdam

    Haiyan Huang, 

    I did a quick review of udm2 assets for PSScene4Band items for 2018, and it looks like we have these available for a bit less than 50% of items while we have them for essentially all items for 2019 on.  Running our newer "Cloud 2.0" cloud analysis models on older archive imagery is expensive and we have held off on trying to compute these for the whole "back archive", though it is possible we will do so at some point.  For the near future, I'm afraid this is just not available for much of our older archive.

    We have run our newer cloud models for all SkySat imagery this year, and now we have udm2 assets for essentially all SkySat items. 

    Best regards,


    Principal Engineer, Data Pipeline

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