Planet Explorer: Error executing search "type" is a required property

I can't execute my saved searches in Planet Explorer since this week any more. I create saved searches using the Python Client ( and everything was working as expected until a couple of days ago.

Now I get the following error when executing any of my searches in the Explorer:
Error executing search "type" is a required property

Has anything changed in the search format within the last days?

I also recognized that my cloud filter does not get applied although defined in the saved search.

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    Hello Tobias,


    I have created a support ticket for this request  so we can assist you further as it is specific to your account. 

  • Hi Mike, thanks for your answer. My email address changed but I can't confirm it because I haven't received a confirmation email yet, although I tried to resend it multiple times. So I don't have access to the ticket. What can we do?

  • I responded via the support ticket that was created as to not expose your academic email address. 


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