Error 403 when trying to download RE or PSOrthoTile using python and API

I've been able to use my script (python + planet API) and successfully downloaded some PS and RE ortho tiles for my research. Since yesterday afternoon using the same script I only get error 403.

When checking the item status I get :

'expires_at' = {str} '2020-11-20T18:04:52.970200'
'status' = {str} 'active'
'type' = {str} 'visual'

So, I can acquire the url using  'location' but when trying downloading I get Err 403

Any idea what is happening 



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    Hello Radoslaw,


    I see you have logged a ticket with technical support so we will assist you via the ticket that was created as this is specific to your account versus the API or code. 

  • I also checked the permission and for item I get the Err 403 it is:

    _permissions: ['assets.analytic:download', 'assets.analytic_sr:download', 'assets.analytic_xml:download', 'assets.udm:download', 'assets.visual:download', 'assets.visual_xml:download']


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