dislay geotiff in color

Simple question: How do I display a geotiff image in the same colors as it appears on the website?

The download contains the following images:


When I view the first of these images in QGis the colors are distorted. (The other two images appear black in Qgis.)

Thank you! I'm obviously a beginner.




  • Is there a specific colormap I should be using? I can extract the band values with gdal, but still need a colormap.

  • Hi Norbert,

    We are talking about 2 different data types here. One is imagery & other is Analytics Product.
    An UDM provides information on areas of unusable data within an image (eg. cloud and non-imaged data). The bits in the UDM identify whether each pixel contains usable data, blackfill, cloud or anomalous pixels. This mask can be used to determine whether certain pixels in the tile should be used in further analysis.

    So you can open the UDM2 data in QGIS & using raster symbology you can select band & examine it.

    Kindly find detail of UDM2 bands here "https://developers.planet.com/docs/data/udm-2/#about-udm2"


  • I figured it out. QGis assumes that the first three channels are blue-green-red, whereas they are red-green-blue in these GeoTiff images. I'm now getting reasonably looking color images.


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