Convert a ECW file with 2 GB to Geotiff with GDAL


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  • Frank Warmerdam



    While this does not seem to be a Planet data related question, you can normally do something as simple as:


    gdal_translate my_big_file.ecw my_big_file.tif


    Many distributions of GDAL do not include the supporting ECW library, so this might not work for you.  You can do this to check (here we see a case where it is available):


    frank@frank1-dev:~/pl/planet_common$ gdalinfo --format ecw
    Format Details:
    Short Name: ECW
    Long Name: ERDAS Compressed Wavelets (SDK 5.0)
    Supports: Raster
    Extension: ecw
    Help Topic: frmt_ecw.html
    Supports: Open() - Open existing dataset.
    Supports: Virtual IO - eg. /vsimem/


    If you are producing a big GeoTIFF file, it may also be helpful to tile it and build overviews for better performance in some other applications. 



    gdal_translate my_big_file.ecw my_big_file.tif -co TILED=YES

    gdaladdo my_big_file.tif 4 8 16 32


    Good luck,


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