Orders API Error: Doesn't seem to be GeoJSON


I am using the Orders API to order assets that are basic_uncalibrated_dn. For the --clip field I have linked to an AOI.geojson made using geojson.io. 

I put in the following in my command line (Windows): 

planet orders create --item-type PSScene4Band --email --bundle basic_uncalibrated_dn --clip nh.geojson --name 'test_order' --id 20200625_151952_1034

Which results in the following error:

Error: BadQuery: {"field":null,"general":[{"message":"Unable to accept order: AOI is invalid: Doesn't appear to be GeoJSON"}]}


I am certain that nh.geojson is a geojson file. I have tried placing the field value within apostrophes ('nh.geojson'), which did not resolve the issue. Hope there is a way to get around this!

For reference, this is what the geojson looks like:




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    Hello Sheila,


    For API troubleshooting please log a ticket with support@planet.com so we can triage your issue. 

  • Same thing is happening to me and the geojson is a file that I downloaded from Planet Explorer.


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