How does filtering with geom_filter and cloud_cover work?

If I use a geometry filter to only obtain scenes where my AOI is fully contained, and also a filter to keep cloudless scenes, is it possible to design a filter to keep scenes where I have cloudlessness WITHIN my AOI before downloading(with clip)?

In the example below (where black=scene, blue=AOI and red=cloud) I want to reject the first scenario but accept the second, even if in the second there are far more clouds at the scene level.

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  • I'm guessing the cloud filter is based on per-tile metadata, similar to Sentinel-2 and Landsat. So you'd still have to download the image on the left and apply a pixel-based cloud mask before rejecting the image. Could be wrong though!

  • I would like to be able to do the same thing. Is it possible to set that kind of filter in The API or do I have to download all the data first?

  • Hi Abhishek,

    The notebook you shared does a very good job in determining the coverage of an AOI in terms of scenes, but it does not seem to do so for the cloud cover. a similar code which concludes with a plot of AOI and USABLE data overlaps would be what we are looking for I believe.

  • I agree with Fabian. I am looking to identify images before I download them where the AOI is cloud free but the entire scene isn't necessarily cloud free. 


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