Exactly how quota charges are calculated?

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I've been trying and using the Planet Explorer and Planet Data API to search images. Now I'm going to try Planet Orders API to start downloading data. I have two questions about how the quota charge is calculated. I searched around but couldn't find answers anywhere.

Q1. My quota is given by km2. If I download an image of a given AOI of e.g. 25km2 for an item PSOrthoTile in five asset types analytic, analytic_sr, udm, udm2, and, analytic_xml, is the quota charge calculated multiple times for this single AOI? Four out of the five asset types, analytic, analytic_sr, udm, and udm2 are all images. Is the charge calculated as four times the AOI area?

Q2. On this page https://support.planet.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011216618-Orders-API-FAQ, it says the minimum quota charge per AOI clip is 100 km2 for preferred users and 0.01 km2 for premium users. I can't find which user category I'm in. How can I confirm the minimum quota charge per AOI clip for my account?




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