Different image sizes when using the same bounding box clip

I recently acquired imagery across a date range from the visual bundle of PlanetScopeOrthoTile using the ordersV2 api. In my order, I used some tools. I first reprojected the item to EPSG:4326 then I clipped it with a geoson bounding box. When analyzing the imagery of the bounding box, I noticed that images were different sizes. Should this be the case? If not, am I able to download images which are all of the same size. I would like to use these images in a temporal stack, and I would like them to be coregistered. The bounding box is primarily on flat land, so I was wondering if using PSScene3Band would result in identical sized imagery.



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    Hello Nicholas,


    I saw you also wrote to support.

    I will respond there.


    Best Regards,


  • Hey Pooja and Nicholas,

    Same interest to understand the coregistration of PS images, could you share the answer?


    Best regards,



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