How to check the quota of my account and the current progress?



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    Hey Yaping, you can use the following to check your quota usage at the quota endpoint (click here) for an overall usage or check your account on explorer for detailed usage.

    Here's how you can check detailed quota usage:

    Account icon on top right corner once you login > Account settings > 
    Usage from left tab > select dates of choice, product (tiles/download) >
    click download

    Here's how you can break down the data on quota end-point:

    Once you click on URL, it will ask you for the username password, 
    enter API key in username and leave password as blank. 
    All data in the subscription end point is seen in JSON format. 

    The very last field, URL:{subs_id} is the subscription the json is associated with, active_to and active_from are plan access dates, quota_sqkm shows total quota allocated for the subscription, quota_used shows how much you have used for that subscription, plan: {} shows all details of plan associated with the subscription, quota interval, and style are two more fields that could be useful for looking at subscriptions.

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