uploading downloaded .tif from Planet in GEE

Hi! I was trying to upload a satellite image downloaded from Planet to Google Earth Engine. However, I get this error:



  • Esteban,

    The easiest work around for this would be to download the Orthorectified product from Planet (ie. the "analytic" asset rather than the "basic_analytic" asset).  The basic (1B) products are in raw image geometry with RPCs to geolocate them which is a somewhat esoteric product and apparently not trivially supported in GEE.  The ortho product will be in UTM / WGS84 and easy to utilize in GEE and other software packages. 

    I would be interested in hearing if you overcome the barrier to support of 1B products in GEE. 

    Best regards,



  • Thanks! I downloaded a new image as analytic and it worked. I do not remember if the former image was basic, but probably that was the issue


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