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Dear Planet team, 

I wanted to make you some (basic?) questions regarding the shutter that Planet use in their satellites, I'm currently working on a semester report about it, and I would really appreciate your inputs on this matter:

  • What is the main reason for the shutter?
  • Is it to protect the optics from scratches during launching?
  • Is it just to keep the S-band antenna and the optics pointing in the same direction?
  • Do you guys close the shutter at some point during operations?
  • Is this an original setup from Planet or was it already implement in other/similar missions?
  • Where can I find more information (literature) regarding the shutter configurations?

Thank you so much in advance for your assistance.



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  • Hi Camilo,

    All of our satellites have a mechanical enclosure (e.g. a door, or flap) which is closed prior to launch and deployment.  This is done generally to protect the internal optics from any debris or issues prior to launch, maintain structural integrity during launch, and stow radio components in a secure position.  Once the satellite is deployed from the launch vehicle, these enclosures will open, either automatically, or via ground command.  Once opened, they stay open for the duration of the satellite's mission life.


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